The distant observer

chapter 1 review

The distant observer
He ran his hand over the crystal orb, enjoying its smooth, glassy texture. But he still didn’t dare breath on it, or let them know he could see them all.

The little dragon at his shoulder curled its tail around his neck. It knew what he was thinking. But neither spoke.

At last the old man sighed. “I could watch them, you know.” He boasted. “Take a peek, just for a moment… see how they are doing.”

Again the dragon did not reply. It knew he was only joking.

“They were amazing, again,” The old man said instead. “You should have seen them this time. They finally got themselves organised enough to search out the Orizon crystal. At first they were a little concerned since none had claimed them at the Choosing, but even that was a little blunt of Lauresia for having chosen them, don’t you think? They had competed so well against their teachers and future leaders as well! Yet, to everyone surprise but my own, none stand forward to choose them. It was only then that the wizard decided to reveal to them his plan.”

The dragon slides around to face the old man, happy to hear the story once more.
“Yes, I’m getting to that. So, they began to seek a means of leaving the city. Well, their first attempt at a direct route leads to almost dismal failure and a life debt to the criminal leader of the city, or so he would have them believe. They sought wisdom at the library, at the wide tree, even at the obsidian gates. But to no avail. I know I digress but that dragonborn has a rash way of dealing with those she does not agree with, doesn’t she! Let us hope she has yet learnt some respect for those powers greater than her own in this city… yes, yes, I know.”

“Where was I… oh yes, they finally decide to ascend the white tower to seek an exit. I think the rogue Doom had already realised that. So they… hang on… oh I agree, Doom has no idea does he – of his potential or heritage? Necessary tragedy? No… I would never use that phrase. Not… anyway, stop interrupting! Ahem, so, by this time the Minotaur, the Shadowmaster, and even Lady Illend who they insisted on calling the Sapphire Lady. No, that was her old title. Now it’s Lady Illend, high priestess of the order of all- right- then- I’ll- move on!”

Again he cleared his throat. “So! They made their way up the white tower to the high observatory, where they also found the tall staircase which leads out of the city. Upon leaving they found, not a forest as they might have expected, but a barren wilderness. They were beset there by undead wolves which they soon bested, then went on to the circle of stone watchers which bore the message ‘let one who is most worthy enter’. They seemed to decide it was the wizard, and no, I don’t remember why! Anyway, no sooner does he reach out the claim the stone that the trap set by the great enemy is sprung.”

The little dragon seemed to tense, his eyes glowing with violent spite.

“Yes, HIM. With torture he pried from them all the secret of where they thought they were hiding. And, yes, it was the dragonborn again! But not to worry, Jo will have to find his own way to deal with this failure, but I do not blame him. No mortal could stand up to that immortal torment for very long. Palayon knew that, which was why he’d lied to them in the first place about where they were. So where are they now? You’ll have to ask him.”
The dragon shifted his head, and lay it down once more on the old man’s shoulder.

“Well, upon returning they were arrested by the city, which had already warned them of their danger. What they did not know is that Palayon had moved them back to the present the moment they entered, a hundred thousand years to be precise, though it is now impossible for any to return and thankfully so. If the enemy knew where to look they would already be facing his hordes of nightmare. But within the city they came to realise they were in no danger, and the machinations of Palayon had actually saved them all. So now they are safe, and have some time to prepare for their next actions.”

The dragon yawned.

“Actually, I don’t know. I suppose they will power up their orizon crystal to some good end. Weapons perhaps? We have not seen the lightning tear apart the sky in aeons. Will they fly away, or perhaps try to hide within time? I do not know, but soon they will have to begin to explore the world around them. They need to trade, they need new materials and for heaven’s sakes: They need new friends!”

The dragon purred, shifting its position.

“Time? No, they don’t have enough time at all. I wonder if they even realise what has befallen them already? She spoke to them, in a dream I presume, this much I know. Are the ready, and wise enough? Well, we won’t have to wait long to find out…”

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